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When first contacted by the Historical Society of Washington, DC, I was intrigued by their upcoming exhibit (more…)

Designing a website for Jean Efron Art Consultants LLC was an exciting opportunityto create a clean, minimal site that would showcase the very visual work of the firm. (more…)

Allison and Levi dated ten years prior to marrying. A couple that had grown together since high school – (more…)

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The Neel Company: Website The Neel Company: Website The Neel Company: Website The Neel Company: Website The Neel Company: Website The Neel Company: Website The Neel Company: Website The Neel Company: Website The Neel Company: Website The Neel Company: Website

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The Neel Company: Website

When I began work at The Neel Company in 2013, their website was extremely outdated and did not properly represent all that the company had to offer. As the most public representation of the company I felt that it was a number one priority to redesign and rewrite the site. While conducting market research and analysis to establish a marketing plan, I simultaneously incorporated my results into a strategy for the new site, one that would reflect what customers most valued when visiting. I also worked extensively with the other department heads to establish unified messaging and industry-standard engineering information.

The result was a fully responsive, easily accessible, visually appealing website that quickly informed the visitor of what The Neel Company had to offer. An extensive project gallery utilized filters and tags that allowed visitors to quickly search for what would specifically interest them, from location to application to projects we had already completed for their company. In total my work for the site included design, writing copy, editing, technical illustrations, and the building and launching of the site.

Google Analytics were applied to the site for onset and quickly revealed that web traffic doubled following the redesign. The site was also written with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind and increased our search standing. Sales inquiries were received regularly directly through the site.

As of March 13, 2018 the site was still available at

Editorial style advertisements featured in RT&S and Highway Builder magazines. RT&S Issue Cover and T-WALL ad found inside. Page view of the RT&S ad featuring T-WALL. Full page view of ad editorial for Highway Builder Magazine. Ads featured in DBIA Integration Quarterly (left) and RT&S (right). RT&S ad (top right) and corresponding landing page on The Neel Company website. The Neel Company Print & Web Advertisements Ads for Pittsburgh Engineer (left) and Highway Builder (top right) magazines. Ad created for Pittsburgh Engineer magazine.

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The Neel Company Print & Web Advertisements

As Marketing and Creative Director for The Neel Company I wrote and designed or managed the design of all print and web advertisements. T-WALL ads were published regularly in national and regional publications that ran both print issues and web issues. Ads featured campaign specific links or calls to action that drove viewers to landing pages and in order to track ROI.

Portion of The Neel Company trade show booth. Detail view of trade show booth. View of trade show booth with projector and screen shown on the left. View of booth, each conference had custom graphic elements chosen or created. Booth title banner Render of a conference booth mock-up. Email campaigns sent to conference attendees prior to the show. One on many pop-up display graphics used at conferences and meeting.

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The Neel Company Tradeshow Booth

The Neel Company exhibited frequently throughout the year at national and regional conferences. As Creative and Marketing Director I not only designed the trade show displays and collateral, but also guided sales on which shows to attend and managed accordingly.

While not the most modern booth type, The Neel Company preferred to maintain a velcro style pop-up booth. Graphics were custom designed to feature appropriate elements for each conference. I was able to streamline and update graphics for the booth and incorporate eye-catching elements such as a product video played using a small screen and short throw projector. Using a projector instead of a monitor saved on shipping and installation costs, a priority for The Neel Company.

Email campaigns to attendees were sent prior to conferences, encouraging visitors to stop by the booth.

Guard Your Budget flyer from the campaign. (Front and Back) The Guard Your Budget postcard was mailed nationally. Landing page from the Guard Your Budget campaign. Keep Your Budget in the Green flyer from the campaign. (Front and Back) Keep Your Budget in the Green postcard that was mailed nationally. Keep Your Budget in the Green postcard and branded golf giveaway. Branded golf ball giveaway. Branded golf tee giveaway.

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EdOptions Summer School Campaign 2011: Guard Your Budget

EdOptions was an award-winning K-12 online education company located in the Washington, DC area. I created and designed the “Guard Your Budget” and “Keep Your Budget in the Green” nationwide campaigns to advertise the EdOptions 2011 summer school program. The lifeguard and golf taglines helped relate the theme to summer and provided the perfect media for branded sunscreen packets, lip balm, golf balls, and golf tee giveaways. The campaign’s marketing materials included postcards, flyers, landing pages, and iContact emails.

Newsletter sent to 3000+ recipients Newsletter sent to 3000+ recipients Newsletter sent to 3000+ recipients

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The Neel Company Newsletter

As Marketing and Creative Director of The Neel Company I instituted quarterly company newsletters sent via MailChimp. The newsletters received higher-than-industry-average open and click thru rates. By the time of the final newsletter in early 2018 the mailing list had reached 3000-plus recipients and averaged hundreds of additional forwards by viewers.

I designed or managed the design, wrote copy, technically implemented, and sent the newsletters. Each newsletter featured content geared towards our all of our major market sectors, ensuring content value.

To view a full newsletter click here.